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alert coyote standing in snowy fieldThe best thing you can do is to keep a journal or as I prefer to call it, a logbook. Or if you are like me, I keep a journal and maps of the area that I hunt, or a new area that I’m going to hunt. The first thing I do when hunting new land is to look at the aerial photos of the area. I also look at the topo maps to see how the land lays out. Photos are nice to see what the land is made of. Hardwoods, fields, river, and what ever else the land looks like.

When you go scouting take the maps and journal with you. This will help you find the best place to hunt the property. When out scouting mark down tracks, scat, sightings, and whatever else you find while out.

I have found that with the maps and journal I can key into places that the coyotes are using more than other parts of the land. I have found over the years that coyotes in Wisconsin have a home-range of a square mile or so with a core range of 80 or 100 acres. You can key on this and bring your success rate up. If you can’t get in the core range, try to hunt as close as you can get. Hunt travel corridors coming in and out of the core range.

In the journal write down what need to for yourself, like what way the wind is for a stand that I want to hunt. When I find a stand I also mark it down on the map as well as making notes to myself of things I may need for this stand. Ways to get in and out, places to watch out for when walking in, etc. I also mark on the map where I have killed coyotes or fox and I write down the date and year and other things I need.

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