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Download or listen to an assortment of coyote calls as well as distress calls. Suitable mp3 format for use on your portable device or electronic caller.

coyote howling in grassy fieldBobcat Cries 21 kb’s
Cottontail Squalls 522 kb’s
Coyote Fawn Distress 452 kb’s
Coyote Cottontail Distress 522 kb’s
Coyote Turkey Distress 315 kb’s
Coyote Challenge 110 kb’s

Coyote Challenge Mature 242 kb’s
Coyote Greeting 79 kb’s
Coyote Howls 163 kb’s
Coyote Pursuit 305 kb’s
Coyote Talk 54 kb’s
Coyote Challenge Bark 732 kb’s
Coyote Greeting Howl 687 kb’s
Coyote Pup Distress 793 kb’s
Female Coyote Howling 248 kb’s
Fox Coyote Puppy 914 kb’s
Grey Fox Barking 9 kb’s
Lone Coyote Challenge 297 kb’s
Piglets 70 kb’s
Prairie Dog Distress 95 kb’s
Red Fox Whines 21 kb’s
Red Fox Yipps 21 kb’s
Squirrel Distress 119 kb’s


Listen and Download Coyote Calls — 2 Comments

  1. I dont hunt anything but i found the sounds we have heard by our house. it was a gray fox barking. so creepy.