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coyote walking along path

Coyote photographed by Richard Spencer at the Penn Dixie Paleontological and Outdoor Educational Center, Hamburg New York USA.

What is predator hunting?
Predator hunting is, hunting any animal that preys on other animals such as fox, coyotes, bobcats, coons, wolves, mountain lions, skunks, lynxes, mink, pine martins, fishers and wolverines.

Why do you predator hunt?
I hunt predators for two reasons. One – for the pelts and skulls and bones. A man can hunt make a few extra bucks if you are good at it. For two – to save a few ducklings, fawns, rabbits and other small animals, who might have a chance in the spring.

Are predators easy to hunt?
No not at all, they are harder to hunt than deer. Wolves, coyotes and fox
are some of the smartest animals I know. Predators survive by hunting other animals, with this in mind they would not live too long if they were not resourceful. Keen eyes ears and smell are a big problem when hunting predators. Some say that coyotes and wolves can smell ten times what humans can smell. So when hunting coyotes and fox you have to be scent free and be quiet when getting in and out of locations were you intend to hunt. Camo clothing can fool the eyes of coyotes and fox but, movement has to stay a minimum to be succesful.

How do predator’s impact fawns and waterfowl?
Predators like fox, skunks, coyotes and other predators have a big impact
on fawns, turkeys, and ducks, in the spring. Some studies have shown that trapping predators on breeding grounds had a 30% increase in duck production in areas where trapping was employed over other areas were predators were not trapped. Fawns are another big meal item in the spring for wolves and coyotes. I have heard up to 20% of all fawns born in the spring are killed. Coyotes and wolves also have big impact on farmer’s calves, sheep and other livestock. I talked to one farmer that had lost 5 calves in one spring. Some of these sheep and calves are worth hundreds of dollars.

How many ways can predators are hunted?
There are many ways to hunt predators. One way is the use of dogs. Most commen use of dogs is in running down bears, mountain lions, coon, and coyotes and fox. Other ways are calling, baiting, trapping, and stalking. Calling is preferred by most farmers because hounds can scare cattle and sheep. Calling can be employed close to pens and livestock with out dogs running all over the place.

What do you do with the carcass after you shoot one?
When I kill a coyote or a fox I do one of two things with them. I sell the whole carcass to a taxidermist or taxidermist schools for mounting. I take them home and skin them and take the skulls off. After I take the pelt off the carcass I stretch the pelt over a stretching form. After I have them stretched and all the meat off the hide I put them in a bag and freezer. At the end of the season I sell my furs to a buyer.

What caliber do you use?
All calibers will work for coyotes and fox. Your hunting rifle will do just fine. Most guys that hunt for the pelts use the smallest caliber they can for hunting coyotes, fox, and bobcats. The smaller the hole in the pelt the better price you can get for your hides. The most popular calibers for hunting smaller predators are 17 rimfires up to 25-06. With the most used calibers 223, 22-250 and the 243. Handloaders can customize their loads to reduce the weight of their bullets for hunting predators.

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