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coyote standing at the edge of a summer field

Coyotes are often seen in rural living areas

Wisconsin Coyote Hunters – formerly known as Wisconsin Varminters, will put the focus on hunting coyotes in the great state of Wisconsin. While we do touch on all types of hunting, shooting, and the outdoors on our Forums our main focus will be the coyote. We have carried over all of our members and information from our previous domain in an attempt to make this transition as painless as possible. If you were a previously registered forum member, no problems. You can simply login with your credentials and join in the conversation. Of course we welcome and encourage new members to participate and share their knowledge and experience. Our forums are a great place for the beginner coyote hunters to get started and, possibly find a new hunting partner or mentor as our members are spread across the state.

We will begin to return all of the content we previously displayed at Wisconsin Varminters. We will be upgrading many sections of this new site and adding fresh material as we move forward. If you have any suggestions we would like to hear from you as we may be able to accomodate your ideas into the new building process. You can learn more about the new site by visiting our user’s guide to the different options available to visitors and members.

We appreciate your patience during the rebuild and look forward to becoming your main source for coyote hunting in the state of Wisconsin and beyond.


Welcome To Wisconsin Coyote Hunters — 12 Comments

  1. finally i find the site. i been looking for the varminters site and the forum to join but kept getting a weird page instead until i find this site. now how can i find the message boards?

  2. it would have been a good idea to tell people the forum was moving but here I amn anyway when i found it online after some searches

  3. All registered forum members were sent an email explaining the move and were presented with an active link to the site and forum. All member information was kept intact so that members could login and continue posting. If members did not receive the email then it would suggest either an incorrect email was submitted when they registered or their email service filtered the notice. I can confirm all emails were sent from this end.

  4. I am a avid coyote hunter i want to become an active member of your club. i will be moving to Delafied Wisconsin by June 2012 . please tell me how. thank you

  5. Hello Harold – There is no longer a club so to speak. We have coyote hunters from the state of Wisconsin that hookup and plan coyote hunts as a group from time to time. You would need to visit and register on our forums to make plans with the current members.

  6. I say we start a club state wide . We should have evnts like D.U. etc.. We the predato hunters need this. We need to show pride in our sport, show people the necessity for predator control. I love predator hunting more then any other, I hope some of you all feel the same. This will take work, I hope some wantto obtain the same goal. Anyways just a thought. Good calling Harold Brestal

  7. I am going to get into coyote hunting this year! I will keep coming back to the site even tho I’m not from this state. i hopew i can learn a lot.

  8. i am diggin the new site even tho i liked the oter one. cant wait for coyote season!

  9. Harold,

    I like the idea as well – we should talk about it on the forum and see what there is for excitement about it. If there is interest, it is worth doing, however, if it will all be on a couple shoulders, I think it will wear out a couple people and everyone else will not properly appreciate it…

  10. There you go. Archie is familar with the site as a long-standing member. Harold has registered on the forum recently, so the lines of communication are open to test the waters.