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coyote looking at photographerWhen out hunting coyotes the wind can make you or break you. When the wind is less than 15 miles an hour put the wind on your face. When the wind is over 15 miles an hour call with the wind.

When calling into the wind try to set up where you can see crosswind. Most of the time coyotes are going to try to get down wind of whatever is making the sounds. You will see this with coyotes that are hunted harder than other coyotes. Yearlings will come to call with the wind from behind them. Most coyotes that just got kicked out of the pack are more than likely to come to a call more than older coyotes. But you can’t put anything past a coyote. So try to use the wind to your advantage when going into a set.

If you have a stand that you love to use, hunt that stand when the wind is right. If you go to that stand with the wind coming from the wrong way that stand will be no good. But there is a time to call from that stand when the wind is wrong. That is when the wind is over 15 miles an hour. Try to keep this in mind when choosing stand sites. Take a compass with you when you go out scouting. Mark down which way the wind will be coming from for that stand. Keep a log of all your stand sites. This way you can quick reference to stands that will work for that wind you have that day.

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