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Predator Decoys — 4 Comments

  1. Now I have seen everything. A cow decoy used for predator hunting. Never really about it myself but it does make sense in farmland if you hunt the farm field and they have cows. I wont be buying one but I would like to hear about people using them.

  2. I got a full body cow for goose hunting but we hunt big fields with shiotguns not rifles but it works good for are hunting and we shoot coyotes too if we see them after the geese asometimes

  3. I was drawn here by the coyotes attacking people story but couldnt resist when I saw this because we have 2 of these cow decoys. We put them on the edge of the farm property just beyond the fence and make the calls of a stranded calf. Hard to explain unless you’ve heard it but it has worked many times. My brother and I shoot the coyotes to protect our cattle mostly the calves. We get 4 or 5 every year from the farmland here in California. We aren’t hardcore coyote hunters like many of you are. We only hunt on the farm. But we really like it. We had a coyote run right at us while we were hunting with the decoy. He seemed more interested in us than the decoy thats why I was looking for stories about coyotes attacking people.