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snow camoCabela’s Canadian Coverup Facemask – Lightweight Snow Camo Coverup Facemask – Lightweight Coverup Pants – NaturalGear Winterceptor Headcover – Cabela’s Lightweight Coverup Parka – Wildfowler Outfitter Waterproof Cover-Up Pants – Cabela’s Waterfowl Snow Cover Pants – Cabela’s Canadian Coverup Pants – Waterfowl Snow Camo Cover Bibs – Waterfowl Snow Cover Jacket – Canadian Coverup Parka – Waterproof Insulated Snow Camo Bibs – NaturalGear Winterceptor Jacket – Naturalgear Winterceptor Bibs – Waterproof Canadian Coverup Jacket – Waterproof Canadian Coverup Pants

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Snow Camo — 1 Comment

  1. i buy the cheap plain white snow camo things and can afford two sets fo0r less then the price of the expensive stuff. i buy the large size to fit over my heavy cloths. 1 pair i leave opure white and the other i camo myself so i get two pairs for the price of one if you know what i mean. never heard a yote say it looks fake yet :)