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Central WI Newbie

Find A Hunting Partner

Central WI Newbie

Postby petefixer » Mon Dec 31, 2007 5:24 pm


I am looking for someone to teach me how to hunt coyotes. I have tried it on my own but had no luck. I have alot of land to hunt and a rifle a shotgun and a hand call. Just lookin for someone to go with and teach me. Let me know.

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Contributing Member
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hunting buddy

Postby catman » Tue Jan 01, 2008 10:16 am

pete this is the catman send me at freezecat@sbcglobal.net I think me and coyotecold will come on down and help u out
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Postby Fitter » Tue Jan 01, 2008 3:13 pm

That was quick! Good to see guys willing to help out others.

Welcome to the site petefixer and keep us updated on your hunting.
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