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I Ruined A Rifle Scope

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I Ruined A Rifle Scope

Postby Fitter » Thu May 31, 2012 1:40 pm

Not a story I'm proud of sharing but it was a good lesson. Many years ago an old Ruger model 10/22 carbine was passed down to me mainly for shooting purposes. Bare bones open sights and although I was a decent shot I couldn't hit crap with that gun. My dad stepped up and had a small fixed power scope mounted. Now I could plink all day with accuracy! Way better than the pellet gun I had been shooting! I was now a man in my mind.

As I began to stray from camp squirrels became my target. Reds, grays, chippers, whatever. They all went into a stew that was so seasoned with cracked black pepper that you couldn't tell the difference in squirrels anyways. After one particular hunt I noticed some dirt on the scope lens. No amount of cleaning seemed to work so I surmised that it must be on the inside of the lense and was being magnified. I know. I should have stopped right there and handed the gun to dad but that would be admitting I couldn't fix it myself. Judgement, move over, ego just took your place.

I removed the eye relief and cleaned it to brilliant diamond quality and, before I closed it all back up, I filled my little lungs with air and blew straight into the body of the scope. Just to clear any other debris was my thinking. Imagine my horror when I looked through the scope to find my crosshairs curled up like a pair of crippled daddy-long-legs dangling in every direction. Uh oh. Now it's time to bring this to dad because I'm pretty sure I couldn't fix it. In fact I was clueless to what really happened until he explained it. Crosshairs are actually hairs? Quit jerking my chain. That would be stupid. Right? Whatever they were made of was fragile that's for sure.

Neeedless to say I learned a valuable lesson. I also learned to shoot pretty damn good with the iron sights and I had to endure the humility of hearing the story re-told now and then.

So there's one of mine. We must have some other oops moments out there. Step up to the plate.
What you do in the dark will someday come to light.
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Re: I Ruined A Rifle Scope

Postby Alaska Dave » Thu May 31, 2012 4:59 pm

I was about 10 and found out that if I taped a shotgun shell to my Daisy BB gun I created a shotgun :shock: My uncle caught me and told my mother if she didn't buy me a real gun soo i'd go blind.

About 12 and I decided that I was going to get a deer around our house while everyone else went up North. I started dropping different sizes of bullets down my 410 barrel untill I found one that seemed the closest fit, 45 colt. My uncle reloaded just about everything in those days and I had been helping him for a couple of years. I carefully opened the 410 shell and took out the shot. I then installed the 45 bullet and crimped it the best I could. Made about 5 of them and took it out in back for sight in. Went through the garbage can at about 25 yards away so I was all set up. Saw one doe but it was buck only so I had to shoot a couple of charging cars in the junk yard on my way back home. My uncle was not impressed with my ingenuity.
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Re: I Ruined A Rifle Scope

Postby Archie » Sat Jun 09, 2012 12:01 am

My father-in-law ruined a nice steel target...

He, I, and my brother-in-law (his son) were shooting one day, and they had brought their pistols to shoot. I had not yet purchased one, but they were working on me to do so, so they brought thier pistols and a nice brand new (BIL's) steel spinner rated for handguns and medium caliber rifles.

So BIL shoots his 9 mm and klanks off nearly every round at about 20 yards. FIL steps up to the plate with is .357 mag to "show him how it's done". He shoots and misses. :roll: The target did not so much as twitch. Another shot, another clean miss. Some mild cussing and discussion of re-sighting ensues. Finally he decides to shoot the 4 corners to see which way he is missing. Nothing, nothing, nothing and nothing! :x

He uses an expletive or two and then starts digging for a large paper target. His dutiful son-in-law wanders over to check the target while the range is clear and finds the problem. There is a brand new looking target with 6 holes exactly .38" in diameter all the way through the 3/8" plate! :)

FIL had to buy BIL an new spinner, but I got off worse... I had to go buy a .357 mag!

I suppose this was not such a blatantly ignorant thing, but if one researches the reason for the .357's design, it could have probably been avoided. They were an upgrade to the .38 special during prohibition so the police could shoot through the car doors the tommy toting rum runners and bank robbers were hiding behind. I still don't think I would have expected 3/8" plate steel would be able to be cut clean through without so much as a shivver!
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