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Want to trap in fall? Do required safety course now

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Want to trap in fall? Do required safety course now

Postby Fitter » Tue Apr 16, 2013 4:33 pm

Trapper education courses are under way statewide and open for those needing this required training before doing any trapping this fall, a Department of Natural Resources furbearer ecologist says.

“These courses are popular and can fill up quickly,” said Geriann Albers, DNR assistant furbearer ecologist. “The courses are led by volunteer instructors who are experts in trapping. However, not all counties have the trapper courses so it’s best to find the course in the county closest to you and sign up now.”

Albers says the course is required for those who have not previously held a trapping license and are not actively engaged in farming. She also recommends students be at least 10 years old.

Just more than 2,000 completed the trapper education course in 2012.

“The credit for that graduation rate goes to our many dedicated volunteer instructors and education coordinators from the Wisconsin Trappers Association who put in countless hours to keep this program top-notch,” Albers says. This course includes strong attention on trapper ethics and trapper responsibility besides the important basics of rules and regulations, traps and trap setting, history of furbearer management and biology of furbearers.

Wisconsin’s trappers, can participate in regulated trapping seasons in other states with the exception of Minnesota, Michigan, Hawaii and Washington, D.C. Oftentimes trapper education is a requirement and our Wisconsin course is recognized and accepted by others.

The trapper education course cost is $12 and pre-registration is required. To learn more about this course and where the courses are taught, search the DNR website http://dnr.wi.gov/education/outdoorSkills/traped.html
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