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What scents do you like

Appealing to the senses

What scents do you like

Postby young Gun » Wed Nov 09, 2005 12:18 am

Ok guys what scents do you like to use when you are going hunting? For deer I like to use doe in heat and some doe tarsal gland, when the rut is on. Or just after the rut when you may find a doe late in heat.

For coyote hunting I like the coyote urine, fox and then last of all coon. I like fox the most of all of these. I just think it makes the coyotes mad and the fox in love. I shoot a few fox to so I try not to use the coyote urine on my boots. If I know that there are coyotes and that’s about it in a piece of land then I’ll putt it in film cans, and then open them up when I get to the spot to hunt. I some times use a drag rag with it on to walk in to a set. I think it works well that way, because I think the coyotes come across the trail and think its ok to come in and see just a little closer on windy days.
young Gun
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