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Cleaning up the reloading bench. Located in Kenosha County,

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Cleaning up the reloading bench. Located in Kenosha County,

Postby Alaska Dave » Wed Apr 16, 2014 10:36 am

Cleaning up the reloading bench. Located in Kenosha County, Wi. Prices are picked up.

7mm Hornady V-Max 120gr 88pcs $20
7mm Nosler Ballistic Tips 150gr 66pcs $15

6mm bullets sold as 1 lot. 520 bullets for $85
6mm Barnes Varmint Grenade 62gr hp 62pcs.
6mm Hornady v-max moly 58gr 68pcs.
6mm Sierra hp varminter 60gr 93pcs.
6mm Sierra Blitzking 55gr 95pcs.
6mm Nosler sp made for Midway(Dog Town) 55gr 202pcs.

224 bullets sold as 1lot. 490 bullets for $65
224 Hornady 55gr SP 205 pcs.
224 Speer TNT HP 50gr 285pcs.

243 brass 1x fired mixed head stamps RP and Frontier 55pcs $15
22-250 new brass primed 20pcs $8
30-30 1 x fired mixed head stamps 100pcs $20 (Can resize to 7x30 Waters if needed)
30 06 Federal 1x 18pcs $4
357 Max RP 1x 15pcs $4
8mm Mauser RP 1x 7pcs $2

IMR 4227 1 1/2 lbs $30.
Alliant Red Dot 1lb $25

Loaded Ammo
32-20 Winchester 100gr 30pcs $20
32-40 Rem/Win 6pcs $2
38 ACP RP 8pcs $2
32 S&W Long 14 pcs $3

Trades I would consider.
RL 15 powder
Unique powder
Nosler Partition 6mm 90g.r
Hornady Interbond 6mm 85gr.
Nosler Ballistic Tip 6mm 95gr.
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Alaska Dave
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