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High or lower power scopes?

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High or lower power scopes?

Postby Alaska Dave » Thu May 08, 2014 8:46 pm

I went big power but in the last 5 years changed everything back to 3-9x40 power scopes. I don't have very few places that I can stretch to 300-400 yards. Seems that the 3-9's work just fine plus it saves a few ounces. What power scope do you use the most?
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Alaska Dave
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Re: High or lower power scopes?

Postby Fox_hunter42 » Thu May 08, 2014 8:57 pm

3x9, I see no practical reason to go bigger.
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Re: High or lower power scopes?

Postby Fitter » Fri May 09, 2014 9:50 pm

I always had a 3 x 9 then went to a fixed 4 x 32 I believe it was but haven't used a scope in years. There are no longer any lengthy shots on my property and a shotgun is the better of options. I do carry compact binocs for deer in the brush in low-light situations but rarely need those either as most shots are in bow range.

It's an interesting question. Some friends of mine might as well have telescopes on their rifles and I've seen the area they hunt. It's definitely not needed but if it makes them more confident then it's all good.
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Re: High or lower power scopes?

Postby m1garand » Fri May 16, 2014 7:42 pm

I have a stable of 3x9's mounted on a couple ready use rifles-but still run some 4x16x40mm on sniper rifles for competition; the big magnifications are ok but if thier not FFP (first focal Plane) they will loose some accuracy as you crank up the power as the aiming point moves. My bigger power scope(s) have a indicator or a different color for the number on the magnification power ring where the manufacturer says it should be zeroed/and or used if you want the math to work out when using a mil-dot reticle. I've done some range finding (out to 600 yards) with it and it does seem to be accurate as long as you stay at the magnification value on the power ring. I have switched almost exclusively to Nikon's now, I have been able to get tall turret kits with the exception of my Monarch 3-to new to get 'em yet and wonder because of the re-settable feature if they will even be able to get them.
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Re: High or lower power scopes?

Postby Archie » Wed May 06, 2015 10:49 pm

I have mostly 3x9's, but NEVER wander around with them any higher than 3 power. If you need to shoot quick, it is not cool to have to look for the target.

I have a couple of 4-16's, but they are by 56mm so that they have a bigger field of view, better light gathering, and end up performing very similar to a 3-9. Never crank these up without a standing target, either.

I have a 2-7 for my slug gun (Mossberg 626), which is about right for the 200 yard and shorter shots that gun is lethally capable of. If I had a need to buy a scope for a .22 or a .17 HMR, I would buy one of these, but I usually just use my cast-off 3-9's from upgrades, as they are free, and the 3 power they are usually set at is adequate for any shot they need to perform on.

Whenever I can afford it, I go for a FFP scope.

Ballistic compensators are nice (I have a couple scopes with them), but if you know your gun and how it shoots, they are nowhere near as fast as your mind, and a holdover. Unless you plan on several hundred yard shots, I feel they are a waste of money.

I, personally, feel that the money should be spent on multi-coating and large objective bells. If you can't see through it, there is no sense in owning a scope.

That's my take on it - not a right or wrong, but the way I see it in my little world...
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