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unique training

Competitive Shooting

unique training

Postby m1garand » Sun Dec 14, 2014 8:31 pm

We spent our day at Mcmiller range in Eagle Wisconsin at a biathlon training clinic. The rifles were a thing of beauty but horrendously over priced. The clinic was run by the Wis. Biathlon Association after which participants that pass the written exam get a qualification that entitles them to participate in events without which you cannot partake. the handouts on the shooting portion were very good, perhaps better than the ones we use in our annual high power rifle clinic in stockbridge. Last year they had 70+ participants, this year 35. If I already did not have so many gosh darn hobbies. I do believe this could be a very attractive hobby. After I cleaned all five offhand targets (most shooters completely missed the entire thing) I fessed up about my competition shooting and how my daughter here pictured also competes. All in all, good fun and I learned some interesting things about our fellow shooters.
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