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2015 bear season quota set at 4,750

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2015 bear season quota set at 4,750

Postby Fitter » Wed Jan 28, 2015 1:13 pm

The Natural Resources Board today approved the 2015 Wisconsin bear season quota of 4,750 as recommended by the Department of Natural Resources.

The quota was set with the intention of reducing the population in north west Wisconsin and stabilizing the population in the rest of the state, and will be distributed across the Wisconsin's four bear hunting zones.

The upcoming season's quota of 4,750 is an increase from last year's quota of 4,700. To achieve this quota the Department will issue 10,690 permits, this represents a record number of permits available to Wisconsin bear hunters.

The season structure for this year's bear hunt is as follows.

Zone C (dogs not permitted):

Sept. 9 to Oct. 13 - with aid of bait and all other legal methods not using dogs.

All other zones (use of dogs permitted):

Sept. 9-15 - with aid of dogs only;
Sept. 16 to Oct. 6 - with aid of bait, dogs, and all other legal methods; and
Oct. 7-13 - with aid of bait and all other legal methods not using dogs.
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