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Contender with 3 carbine barrels

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Contender with 3 carbine barrels

Postby Alaska Dave » Sat Apr 11, 2015 6:34 am

20" Bullberry 17HMR barrel w/Burris 3-9x32 scope w/Burris base and rings.
22 1/2" MGM 6x30 Ackley Improved barrel w/Bushnell Trophy scope w/BDC reticle w/Burris Signature rings and Weaver base. Dies and about 11 2x fired brass and 40 loaded ammo.
21" Bullberry 7x30 Waters w/Bushnell Trophy DOA 500 scope w/Burris Signature rings and Weaver base. Some loaded and some 3x fired cases. No dies as I still reload for another 7x30 Waters.
Easy open action with top selector and Gunstock Inc walnut thumbhole stock. $1500
Located in Wisconsin. possible trades towards AR10, AR15, 1911, .....
I saved alot on my insurance just by switching into reverse and fleeing the scene of the accident.
Alaska Dave
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