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2 dollars and a pair of gloves for your deer head

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2 dollars and a pair of gloves for your deer head

Postby Fitter » Tue Sep 29, 2015 12:02 pm

There must be little incentive to participate in this research but the 2 bucks and the gloves probably won't sway a lot of hunters to submit their deer for sampling. I thought aging was always done by viewing the wear on the teeth.

MERCER, Wis. - In cooperation with local businesses, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources will collect deer heads for aging during the 2015 archery and gun hunting seasons. If you harvest a deer, please consider submitting the head from any harvested deer for aging.

Cooperators in the area can be found below:

Cary Mine Convenience, 715-561-2995 - 603 Cary Road (HWY 77), Hurley, Wis. 54534;
Rat's Bear Bait, 715-893-2266 - 9501 West Upper Rd., Saxon, Wis. 54559;
Mercer Ranger Station, 715-476-7843 - 5291N State House Circle, Mercer, Wis. 54547; and
Heritage Meats LLC, 715-360-3427 - 109 South Main St., Butternut, Wis. 54514.

The department will be offering $2 per head collected to businesses, and local DNR staff will also offer a pair of leather work gloves to hunters who submit their harvested deer head. Information collected by cooperators and the department will be used to help assess the age structure within the local deer herd. These data will be influential in helping determine deer quotas in the future.

Wisconsin's citizens have played a key role in supplying aging information - department staff would like to thank all participants and collection cooperators for their continued efforts.

Electronic Registration

All harvested deer will be registered electronically in 2015. Hunters will have three options for registering their deer: by phone at 1-844-426-3734 (1-844-GAME-REG), online at gamereg.wi.gov, or electronically at a participating in-person registration station (keyword "registration stations").

A link to the electronic registration system is also available through the Pocket Ranger app for mobile devices. All deer must be registered by 5 p.m. the day after the deer is recovered. Hunters must retain the tag with confirmation number as proof of registration until the deer has been consumed.

Electronic registration is simple, fast and convenient for hunters. The registration system will prompt hunters to answer a series of questions and generate a 10-digit confirmation number, which must be written on the carcass tag attached to the harvested animal. Hunters are reminded to carry a pen or pencil with them to write the 10-digit number on their tag. When this registration number is written on the tag, the animal is considered legally registered.

For more information regarding electronic registration, visit http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/Hunt/ereg.html.
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