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Mentor A Youth

Open forum conversation

Mentor A Youth

Postby practice-more » Tue Oct 03, 2017 8:38 am

Just a quick reminder to everyone to take time to mentor a new youth into our sport. Forgive me, this isn't about a predator hunt.

I know it can be fun to go out by yourself or with your long time hunting buddy.
I know it can be fun to make the perfect stand, sit perfectly still, and harvest game.

But, I want to remind everyone it can also be fun to have a new hunter with, to whisper and giggle in the sand, show them their first taste of wildlife up close and help pass on our sport.

I teach a lot of youth archery programs and one of the parents inquired about taking their son out hunting with me some time. Last weekend they dropped him off mid-day on Saturday and we bow hunted Saturday evening and Sunday morning.

Were we perfectly quiet in the stand ... no
Did we sit perfectly still ... no
Did we harvest the buck of a lifetime ... no

Did we have fun, enjoy nature and make memories ... absolutely.

Saturday evening, after a boring fidgety hour or so on stand, we starting seeing a few deer. The night ended with us watching a doe and a couple young bucks in the field for almost an hour. The doe walked by us inside of 20 yards and the bucks got as close as about 40 yards.

Sunday morning was a little slower but we did watch a young doe feed on apples from the apple tree about 75 yards away.

Remember, these kids are the future of our sport, our passion, so pass it on.

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Re: Mentor A Youth

Postby Fitter » Wed Oct 04, 2017 3:23 pm

Many states today offer a youth mentored program that allows young hunters to get out early. It's a great program which has been very successful. And let's not forget those who are not children. Many adults have an interest but lack the resources and guidance to get started hunting. A little bit of time and encouragement goes a long way.

Growing up in an outdoors family we were introduced to hunting and fishing very early in life. In fact as early as I can remember. The difference back then was we couldn't actually hunt until we reached a certain age. I can't tell you how many times I watched my dad shoot a deer, grouse, goose, duck, or rabbit, and was just chomping at the bit waiting for my turn. Especially the deer hunting.

I look back at those times and realize that, because of dad, numerous people were introduced to hunting. From him, to me, to a lot of friends of mine that had never hunter, to their friends and family that they introduced. It's pretty amazing really that one person can have such a lasting impact.

Good for you Mitch for passing along your knowledge and appreciation of the sport.
What you do in the dark will someday come to light.
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