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Groundhog specific


Postby winchesterhunter » Wed Feb 23, 2005 9:37 pm

how about groundhogs? they live pretty much everywhere.

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Postby raven » Thu Feb 24, 2005 12:39 am

I'm glad someone suggested this one, becuase I just noticed the other day that the ground hog, a.k.a., pasture poodle, whistle pig (my favorite lol) or woodchuck, is protected in this state. I think this is one animal that proves SOME of the gentlemans in Mad town don't get into the field much. And have never knocked their kidneys down to their knee caps hitting a hole in a field on a tractor ever. These lil guys are what got me into varmint hunting back (a while) when I was a kid, when I had a farmer that would pay me $10 per every one that I shot off his fields, and brought up to the farm to show him. I'm hoping with the mild winters over the past years the the population grows enough to have them open it up to even a limited season.
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Postby 1dahunter » Fri Feb 25, 2005 11:05 am

It would be my guess that the farmers arent complaining enough. Why would any state protect them? Kind of like over by Amery a russian wild bore was shot and another was spotted so immediately the DNR issues a statement through the local news do not shoot them just report where you have seen them. Its my bet that they are going to let em build up in population and then sell permits to take them. Its so weird here, the season on squirrel is right at the same time bow and gun hunters are in the woods for deer and the season is so short sept thru feb. In Kansas its june thru jan. I dont understand why they put a season on crows. Like the seasons on cottontail and jacks but open all year on snow shoes I cant tell a snow shoe from a cotten tail unless they turn white in the winter. Just complaining :twisted: Jimmy
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Postby vmthtr in green bay » Sat Mar 19, 2005 1:20 pm

You can shoot them. It states if they are doing damage, or about to do damage, you can shoot them. A hole in the ground is damage. You need to do something aobut being a contractor or something for the landowner, but it is legal. Read the regs, I am going from memory here.

vmthtr in green bay
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Postby jh45gun » Fri Oct 07, 2005 9:47 pm

Woodchucks as stated are protected and no digging a hole is not a excuse to kill them. It used to be crows about to do damage you could kill them I never seen that applied to woodchucks. The only one that can legally shoot them or trap them are landowners or their family. NO ONE ELSE LEGALLY. That is why I do not get too excited about Varmint hunting as where I live the best chance of killing a Varmint would be a yote and since we have a tooooooo healthy wolf population not many yotes around anymore plus I think a lot of them died out from mange a few years back. Fox are more available as not as many trappers and I have even seen greys around here which is about as north as you can get in NW WI. Of course Fox is a fur bearer so they have to be in season. No shooting crows with rifles either legally so compared to other states WI really does kinda suck for varmint shooting. Why some brain trust decided that crows were game birds in WI is beyond me??? I know some shoot turtles but I am not sure if that is really legal either any one know?
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