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form one deer or a blend

Appealing to the senses

form one deer or a blend

Postby young Gun » Thu Oct 12, 2006 9:12 am

What is your take on this lure business? Do think a blend chases deer a way or do you think a blend is better then a single urine bottle. I have used both and think that both of them work, but I think they have there place and time. For me, I have a deer a farmer and I get my urine from. I have seen him take the urine from the deer and know how he does it. I have tried most of his blends and all of his single urines. The biggest thing I have seen in the urine is the vacuum sealing of bottles in the past few years. I can tell the difference in color and freshens when I open the bottle.
young Gun
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Postby Fitter » Thu Oct 12, 2006 1:16 pm

I use to be of the old school when it came to deer hunting which was sit still, shutup, and don't even think of doing anything that might alarm a deer. That included introducing foreign scents and, to some degree that introduction still holds true depending on the scent.

I dont think a blend is a deterrant to deer. Personally I look at the overall deer herd structure rather than a single deer when viewing the local deer population. If we were able to extract all the scent left behind by different deer in a single 1 mile square homerange we would find many different scents in most cases. A deer has different glands that produce different scents for indentity purposes and territorial marking at times.

A deer stomps it's foot, as they do many times when they feel threatened, and leaves scent from the interdigital gland. The pre-orbital gland is very small but serves it's purpose at times when a buck rubs a tree or brush. Of course there are others but thats a simple example from one deer. Add up all the scent made by deer that occur on a daily basis and I think the deer would be on high alert all the time if any blending of scents were considered or perceived as a threat. These are natural occurences in a deer's world. Throw out an acorn scent in a dense conifer forest and the response may be a little different.

Just my 2 cents.
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