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I got a new gun

Old or New, if you have to load from the muzzle post it here.

I got a new gun

Postby young Gun » Fri Nov 24, 2006 11:22 am

I went to Fleet Fram with my aunts this morning at 6AM which I thing is insane. It was my turn to drive the women this year, which I hate. So we get there at 5:45am and the line was all the way across the parking lot when we got there. I sat in the truck until around 7 and walked in. As I always I go to the sporting goods first as always. I was cut off by my cousin and halled over the the farm stuff. Now I had set on getting the boys new muzzle loaders for x mas and thought I would pick up every thing we neaded for the rest of rifle season and muzzle loader season. After getting away from the girls I made my way over and picked up what I needed. For some reson every one of the girls were up in my face about what I bought. They told me that they needed to know what I bought so they don't buy the same thing. After telling them and gettting on the road my aunt sitting in the frount asked me if I was going to give the boys there guns today. I sead no I thought I would set them out Manday morning for the first day of season. I was told I was going to give the boys there guns today when we got back.

Now I don't argue with 5 women in a small space. When we got back I got told to go in and get a few things for breakfast. The girls got the bags from the truck and brought my stuff in with them. The boys had not got back from hunting this morning,but a few of my uncles were out in the cooler working on the deer that we got over the past few days. I grabed the guns and took them out to the shop to get them ready for the boys, and talk with every one about there hunt this morning. I seen one of the boys pull in the yard. I yelled out to him to come and see me when we got a chance.

We got called in the breakfast about a half hour later, as I walk in the door all my kids were standing there with a new muzzle loader with every thing I needed to go with it. I got a CVA Optima Pro elite in 50 cal with the shotgun barrel and a 243 win barrel. They sead that They couldn't wait to give me my chirstmas gift.
young Gun
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Postby Alaska Dave » Sat Dec 02, 2006 10:18 pm

They always liked you better :( Congradulations and remember, if you get too much gear we'll help you out :lol:
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Alaska Dave
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