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Legislation to hunt and trap the Michigan wolf...

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Should Michigan hold a hunt/trap for wolves?

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Legislation to hunt and trap the Michigan wolf...

Postby Cap'n Jon » Mon Jul 30, 2007 11:03 pm

Hey guy's, I know this is Wisconsin, but there are a few of us Yoopers here and if this passes all of us could get in the drawing to hunt the big bad wolfie! Ha!

We had a meeting in Ironwood earlier this month and 2 Rep's from Lansing brouhgt up a bill to list the wolf as a predator and making it a hunting and trapping animal. It not BS, it is for real. There is an online petition and a poll for people to sign up and voice their opinion if it should be a "yea or Nay" poll...

I would assume that anybody could do the poll, seeing how it will be redient and non-resident being able to hunt/trap, but do know the petition has to be a resident of Michigan and also 18 years or older...
Thanks for letting me place this here! I don't think you have to register, just go as a guest...

Good luck. the Fed Trapper has left the farm and now there's 10 less problem wolves there so it's back to bustin' them danged mange mutts we call Wile E. Coyote!! :roll: :P :? :D

Yooper Sportsman
Cap'n Jon
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Contributing Member
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