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Trappers what have you used for bait?

Baiting your trapline

Trappers what have you used for bait?

Postby young Gun » Tue Mar 15, 2005 3:14 pm

When I was trapping in high school for fox and coyotes I used fish and house cats. I used to pick them up for the side for the road and then put them in a pickle jar and then set them out in the sun. They worked great for fox.
young Gun
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Postby Guest » Tue Mar 15, 2005 4:38 pm

Boy where do I start! As for dry land sets for predators, I really like beaver meat. Fresh or tainted, it doesn't seem to matter. However if I'm trapping in the cold and or snow I lean towards tainted bait because of the stronger smell and carrying distance. ( If you can stand it, a half of a pole cat carcass is money in the bank!!)

Another good predator bait is chicken livers. Sometimes they'll dive right into a set when other baits have failed. Must be the bloody smell. Don't underestimate the power of fish for your dry land sets either. It doesn't just take coon. The oil in the fish, or sun rendered salmon oil really gets 'em to work your set.

An ace in the hole for me is the ol' beaver castor lure. They hit that when everything else fails or when you get a "digger".

A great rat bait is celery! Apples are a staple, but Celery dabbed with a little rat musk or lure is deadly. Especially for those big ol' wise buggars!

As for beaver bait, I like shaved popple, but shaved birch I think is a bit better because of the white on the bark. I use it more for under ice sets. The visibility can't be matched in my opinion.

Otter bait you ask? The best I've found is frozen ciscoes! I made a bucket set that gets submerged with a 220 coni guarding it! Lights out baby!! But the blind cross over set has taken more otters for me than anything.

Hope this info helps somebody!! :-)

Oz Hunter

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