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Feral Hog Hunting

Hunting Wild Pigs

Feral Hog Hunting

Postby Archie » Thu Dec 03, 2009 12:29 am

I went looking for hogs a few weeks ago - 3 generations of us. We went where one gentleman from the DNR sent us, but we did not see a thing. But the warden I ran into in the woods (First time in 28 years) told us that he had trapped the last 5 out last winter. It was a blast of a trip, and a good distraction from whitetail deer, but I can't afford to run all over the state to be checked by wardens who trapped all the pigs before I got there...

Does anyone know of any places they are currently raising a ruckus? I am willing to travel and will hunt hard for them (once my knee is fixed). I just have a hard time paying someone for hunting something that causes so much trouble, and the guy collecting the cash really wants to get rid of them anyway! It would be so much cooler if I could find them in Wisconsin, help out a farmer, and fill a freezer for a day's worth of pocket change and fuel. Hunting is supposed to be about fun, education, cameraderie, and sport, not about checkbooks and profits. If I was in it for the money, I would buy a pig from the neighbor and put it in the freezer myself.

I am willing to hunt only when the person that knows where they are can go along! I don't want to "horn in" either, I just want to go have a little fun.
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Postby Fitter » Thu Dec 03, 2009 10:26 pm

I was speaking with my dad today Archie and we were talking about this out-of-control pig population here in the U.P. and how yet not one of us or anyone we have talked to has seen or knows anyone who has seen a wild pig. Much less shot one! Hire a guide or hunt some private land...different story. But like you I'm not interested in laying down money for something that is considered a nuisance causing environmental damage at every corner.

I don't doubt the pigs are out there raising hell...somewhere. And I don't want to sound like I want to hunt from my living room or something but, between myself and a large group of outdoorsmen I know, you think one of us would see a pig or at least some sign. Nothing. I couldn't think of anything much better than a freezer full of nice hams or at least one smoking on the grill all day.
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