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Rimfire Pistol(s)

Let's not forget the small bores.

Rimfire Pistol(s)

Postby Archie » Wed Oct 20, 2010 2:27 pm

My father-in-law acquired for me (well, I had to buy it from him, but he keeps me in his thoughts when buying guns) a very sweet Ruger Single-Six with two cylinders. One shoots the .22 in short, long, and long-rifle - the other shoots the magnums. You can get the same basic gun chambered and rifled for the .17 HMR.

I have been working with it on the range (nothing like a handgun to add a little humilty to the practiced shooter). Moments of angle can now be measured in feet of angle... :oops: Anyhow, I have been working with it on the range, and I have decided that it will go along with me this winter as a CQ gun and for those killing shots should one be needed after walking up on a critter.

Anyone else use a side-arm to go along with their coyote kit? Any of you had any luck with them, or is this just a novelty that I will carry around for a while, then jetison in a wish for lighter travelling? I do think I will use it as least for those walks in the woods for other purposes, but then rely on it for a pesky squirrel or rabbit that presents itself. I will also probably use it for the long walks if I go out with the drivers and end up doing miles across county. I did not do any of that last winter with my knee situation, so I suppose I will be the low man on the totem pole this winter when the opportunity arises :lol:
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