coyote standing in snowYou can dive right into the site and learn as you go but, if you’ve got a few minutes, we suggest you continue reading to get the full benefit and understanding of what we offer.

While our website is targeted to the great state of Wisconsin we welcome all hunters regardless of where you live or what you hunt. Your participation and input is always appreciated.

Getting Interactive
We offer several ways to interact with the site and the members. Our largest offering is our community message board where registered members can post messages back and forth to one another in a public setting or send private messages if preferred. Popular areas of the board include:

  • Wisconsin News – events and news
  • Coyotes – yote hunters specific
  • Calls – sounding the dinner bell
  • View our message boards

You can also interact by submitting your comments. Each post and product page has an area where you can submit your comments, gear reviews – good or bad, or simply make a statement. All comments are reviewed before they appear on the site so if you want yours to appear on the site please keep it respectable. No email addresses, no links, and no attacks on others. If you feel so inclined you can also share on Facebook or Twitter with the social icons provided on each page. We appreciate the Likes and Tweets!

Practice Makes Perfect
Before heading out in the field every hunter needs to be sure he is prepared. And with coyote hunting every shot counts even more as the percentages of even seeing the wild coyote are fairly slim. So when that moment of truth arrives make sure you’re ready:

You will also notice that while viewing any product you have an option to view More Product Info. This integrated features produces a small window with product details, the merchant supplying the product, related coupons for that merchant, reviews, and similar product comparisons when applicable.

Learn All You Can!
While we are growing the site we offer coyote hunting information for all levels of hunters. This area may not be as interactive as our forums but many visitors prefer to learn through self-teaching experiences. While we can’t give you the right answer for every instance we try to provide some basics to get you started:

Coyote Hunting Gear
Wisconsin Coyote Hunters supports itself through advertisements and commissions from trusted merchants that also support the outdoors. Through our affiliation with these merchants we hand-pick products available directly from their entire inventory. Of course we focus on coyote and predator hunting gear as well as shooting and firearms care. You can find those product categories from our main menu but here are two ways to save you time:

Before You Go
If you’re looking for anything specific, or simply have a suggestion, feel free to contact us at your leisure. And Good Luck on the coyotes! Don’t forget to stop back and share your experiences.